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Will You Help Sponsor a Girl to Attend Coding Camp?

We offer coding camps, classes, & workshops all year

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Bringing More Females into the Tech Industry

We focus on giving girls and women superpowers through computer sceince.

Since 2015 our coding camps, classes, and workshops have helped girls and women start their journey into computer science and technology related careers. We have introduced elementary students to computer programming, digital art and animation and now they are teen digital artists with businesses and attending college to increase their knowledge and skills.

Help support our year-round efforts to bring classes focused on web and app development, game design, and animation to females in our community.

We hope to remove the barriers that often prevent girls and other underserved communities from learning about careers in tech. We want them to discover their strength to become a creator, inventor, or an innovator of amazing ideas that can change the world of computer science.

**Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, currently all camps, classes, and workshops are conducted virtually**